Get Rid of Your Bubble Algae with Emerald Crabs

We all know how annoying algae can be. Our aquariums are our pride and joy, so when algae crops up, we can get frustrated. However, there are so many different ways that we can treat algae, and most mean fun tank additions!

Today we will take a deeper look at emerald crabs, a fantastic crustacean to have for many reasons, not just because they love to keep your tank clean! This post will highlight some of the Emerald crab’s best features and what makes it such a great addition to saltwater aquariums.

Emerald Crabs Are Scavengers 

If you are a veteran aquarium hobbyist, you will know all about bubble algae. More aggressive than other forms of algae, it seems to never go away. I am sure we have all had our own issues with this relentless slime. 

Enter, the emerald crab! These crabs are scavengers and will camp on your reef bed and pick off bubble algae. 

Crabs are famous for being algae lovers, with the blue leg hermit crab another one who just wants to munch on the green stuff. But, when it comes to bubble algae look no further than the emerald crab!

Not only does it like to eat the bubble algae, but this crustation is an omnivore and so will do more than just keep your tank clean of the slime. It will clean the aquarium of any uneaten bits of organic matter, and debris. One less job for you! 

It must be said that even though these crabs will keep the majority of your aquarium clean, you might still have to roll up your sleeves occasionally and help out. If you have a huge outbreak of bubble algae you should really clean most of it out first before leaving the leftovers for the emerald crabs. 

Then, hopefully, the emerald crab will keep on top of the algae and chomp down on any growth, making sure another outbreak won’t occur. 

Emerald Crabs are Easy to Care For 

The emerald crab is extremely hardy and a great thing is that they are easy to look after. When the tank is low on algae they will just need a bit of dry seaweed or frozen shrimp to keep them going. If they get too hungry they might try and go for other animals in your tank, such as snails or smaller fish. So make sure they have a decent amount of food to eat and keep your aquarium at peace!

They are nocturnal and love to chill out in a dark quiet area during the day, so make sure you have enough places for them to hide out in. Plenty of rocks is a must when it comes to these crabs. When they get comfortable in the tank and used to their surroundings they will start to come out during the day, exploring the tank looking for scarps to scavenge on. 

They will molt from time to time, and this can be a bit weird the first time you see it, but don’t worry, it is completely normal and a sign of good health.

When the emerald crabs molt they leave behind their exoskeleton. It might look like a dead crab but don’t panic too much when you see this, it is only their exoskeleton that they are leaving behind as they grow bigger. Just remove it from the tank and make sure your crab is doing well and is happy in his new shell.

They are Docile and Tolerant

These crustaceans are peaceful and don’t really mind who they share a tank with. If the crabs have enough food to eat, they will not bother the other fish and inverts that you might have in your aquarium.

However, you must make sure that there aren’t any big predators in the tank. Triggerfish and hawkfish are two fish that shouldn’t be put in the same aquarium as your emerald crabs as they are known to prey on them.

Other types of crustaceans, such as crabs and shrimp., are fine to have in the same aquarium as emerald crabs. They live in harmony together, and as long as the emerald crab is cleaning, everybody is happy!

Emerald Crabs are Beautiful Too!

Of course, a main reason why we have aquariums is because they are really nice to look at. There are so many interesting and beautiful creatures that we keep, and the emerald crab is one of these. 

Their green exoskeleton is very eye-catching and adds a brilliant pop of color to the mix of any aquarium. Helpful, peaceful, and beautiful?! These crustaceans are a must for your tank. 

They Don’t Grow Too Big 

These crabs are also great because they don’t grow too big, and this means you won’t have to worry about the size of the tank. 

Emerald crabs grow to about two inches and do well in medium to large tanks where they have a lot of room to explore and feed. You will just need one or two for your tank to keep on top of the cleaning. Don’t put too many of them in the same tank as even though they are pretty chill, nobody likes to not have any personal space! Overpopulation of emerald crabs in the same tank might lead to aggression. 

Final Thoughts

These crabs are amazing for keeping your aquarium clean. Once you get a pair of emerald crabs, you will wonder why you didn’t get them sooner! They can be picked up pretty cheaply, around $12.99 per crab. A small price for such a big boost to the health and wellbeing of your aquarium!