Sun Coral Tubastrea are one of the most versatile and beautiful marine aquarium additions on this planet! These stunning ocean creatures get their name from their vivid yellow tentacles that rise out of the polyp like the sun at dawn when it is time for them to feed. Several guides online claim that these corals are hard to maintain and are not suitable for beginners. We at Aquarium Depot believe that this is completely wrong. Using our method you can make your sun coral bloom at the same time every day, giving your tank a radiant display of life at the bottom of the ocean. 

Sun Corals are non-photosynthetic corals that usually have an orange to pink polyp body and bright yellow tentacles that come out during feeding time. They live in small to medium clumps and grow on a shared tissue base. 

These corals are extremely popular with coral farmers and marine aquarium enthusiasts. We at Aquarium depot love them too. Their shape and size are perfect for aquariums of any size and add a lot of color and aesthetic beauty to your aquarium. 

Since they are non-photosynthetic, they do not multiply within the aquarium. This makes it easy to confine them to a base. They are not unruly and will stick to the rock back you provide them. Having them multiply all over your aquarium is not a concern because of this. This makes them very beginner-friendly as there is not much maintenance required in that department. 

As for feeding, this is where the true spirit of these creatures comes to light. Like an obedient pet, they are used to feeding at the same time every day in their natural environment. This is seen as a problem for many but a simple hack will save you a lot of trouble. 

Using our Polyp Booster is the secret to this process. Turn off the pumps in your aquarium and dust a little polyp booster over these corals. This entices them to feed and the tentacles extend looking for food. Repeat this process over the course of the next few days, and voila! By the third or fourth day, you will notice the tentacles extending at the same time, even before the polyp booster. Their internal clock goes off to let them know it is feeding time, causing them to bloom in anticipation. 

Sun Corals are extremely robust too and show a remarkable ability to regenerate. A small mishap could prove fatal to more delicate coral species but not the sun coral. In fact, this article shows how these beautiful creatures have taken over the Brazilian coast. 

Sun corals are classified as smallmouth corals and hence the best food for them would be a diluted mixture of our reef roid powder and water. This forms a wholesome and nutritious meal for them. They could also be fed the water of defrosted shrimp using a turkey baster.