Sea anemones are a firm favorite for many saltwater aquarium enthusiasts. Called the flower of the sea, these creatures are closely related to corals. They are beautiful and interesting and are found all over the world.  

Known for their long tentacles that sting and their symbiotic relationship with the clownfish, sea anemones are another type of animal that displays the wonders of nature so clearly. 

It is no wonder that many of us want to look after these animals in our saltwater aquariums, but how hard are they to look after?

Surprisingly, certain sea anemone species are actually suitable for beginners. Recommended species for hobbyists include carpet anemone, bubble tip anemone, and condy anemone

However, there are so many different types out there so look into which anemones are suitable for your tank and experience levels!

But, before you get some anemones, read these top tips so you know exactly what to do to keep your creatures happy and healthy! 

Provide Them With The Right Environment

Sea anemones can be really sensitive to their surroundings, so make sure that you place them in the right spot in your saltwater aquarium with the rocks and substrate that they need. 

Different sea anemones prefer different things, so always research the type that you are wanting to purchase. 

For example, bubble tip anemones like to be surrounded by rocks and enjoy getting in between them. This helps them feel safe and secure. They also like to move around a lot, so an array of rocks all across your tank is perfect for these guys!

The corkscrew anemone, however, needs a soft substrate such as mud or sand. This is because they bury their base into the ground. 

Make sure you can provide the anemone you want with its correct environment before you purchase one!

Keep Your Water Clean

When it comes to anemones, the quality of the water makes a massive difference to the health and happiness of these little creatures! 

Make sure that the water in your aquarium has little to no debris and a high level of oxygen. They need a stable pH of around 8.2 and a steady temperature of around 77℉.  Anemones are sensitive to change, so keep an eye on these things to ensure your anemones keep happy. 

Good Water Movement 

Anemones love moderate water movement as in the wild they use the current to catch prey. Without an appropriate current, your anemones will be moving around your tank constantly, not happy with the environment. A decent current in your tank also allows them to get all the oxygen that they need.

Having a good water movement means that your anemones will be happy, however it is advised to look into the specific anemones that you have in your tank and what kind of flow they prefer.  

Feed Them 

Anemones are carnivores so they need to be fed! Some hobbyists choose to not feed them and claim that the anemones seem happy and healthy by getting the nutrients from the water and debris in the tank. 

However, anemones are known to shrink and starve, so feeding them twice a month is advised! You can also feed them more if you are wanting them to grow more. 

They eat meaty foods such as scallops, clams, and mussels. Place small scraps of the food as near as possible to the anemone’s mouth and they should react straight away, taking the food into its mouth. Sometimes it might not be hungry, so don’t worry too much if it doesn’t eat at every feeding! 

Good Lighting 

Anemones thrive when the lighting in their saltwater aquarium is good. This is because they get a lot of their nutrients through photosynthesis, so need light to stay alive! 

A lot of hobbyists provide their anemones with 4 watts per gallon and have a lot of success with this. However, each type of sea anemone is different so remember to research the type you wish to bring into your tank and what type of lighting works best for it! 

If the lighting is not correct, your anemones will suffer bleaching and lose their color. This is caused by a loss of zooxanthellae. If this happens to your anemones, you must add more lighting into your tank as soon as you can. 

Final Thoughts

Sea anemones are a wonderful part of marine life and are a favorite for so many saltwater aquarium enthusiasts. If you are wishing to bring these creatures into your tank, follow these top tips to ensure your anemones grow healthy, happy, and strong!

Good luck, and enjoy the wonders of these little creatures!